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We now have some more members obtaining a website and Email addresses, both for there personal, and business use and soon even an art project. Watch this space

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Trespass in the Tomboye Area ?

To all residents and land owners in the Tomboye Area. There are reports of Trespass in the Tomboye Area. the indication of this is the cutting sections of mesh fences to permit access through fences. The wire is then returned … Continue reading

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Ooranook Homestead

Ooranook – Welcome Reef Dam : About New South Wales The Ooranook Homestead is a highly significant component of the overall Tallaganda rural cultural landscape. Based on a preliminary site analysis, several elements were considered to contribute to this … Continue reading

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New Next G Coverage Map for Tomboye Area

This is NextG only not GSM I wonder how close this is to the real world ?, Since Christmas my Telstra reception has worsened for my mobile near the shack but not on the hills where it is fine. Source

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Visit our Landcare site for a little fun

My Blackberry then look around the site.

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