Telecommunications Mobile and Data

In time we hope to build a resource to assist locals with information to resolve local communications issues, build an understanding of local services, condition and options. We find our selves on the edge of these modern services we all depend on so information and help can improve the way we use such technology.

Internet Access

I for one have reasonable Access to the Internet using a Telstra Next G device plugged into a dedicated Wireless router and a Directional antenna pointing to Braidwood. David at GSpot is a local who sells similar products and may be able to help.

If you have any ideas, knowledge or experience to share don’t hesitate to contact us.

Declaration: The Author of this post is an Employee of Telstra. Any information presented here is my own personal opinion and only represents information I can find to support the local community. I do not stand to benefit in anyway financially and I support the consideration of alternative services and providers were appropriate.

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