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Braidwood Community Radio  94.5FM Visit at BraidwoodRadio.com.au

Braidwood FM 88.0

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Transmitter Area ABC Service State Callsign Frequency
Araluen ABC Television NSW ABN56 723.224 MHz
Batemans Bay/Moruya ABC Classic FM NSW 2ABCFM 101.9 FM
Batemans Bay/Moruya ABC Digital TV NSW ABN9A 205.625 MHz
Batemans Bay/Moruya ABC Local Radio NSW 2BA 103.5 FM
Batemans Bay/Moruya ABC News Radio NSW 2PNN 100.5 FM
Batemans Bay/Moruya ABC Radio National NSW 2ABCRN 105.1 FM
Bega/Cooma ABC Classic FM NSW 2ABCFM 99.3 FM
Bega/Cooma ABC Radio National NSW 2ABCRN 100.9 FM
Bega/Cooma ABC triple j NSW 2JJJ 100.1 FM
Braidwood ABC Digital TV NSW ABN56 725.5 MHz
Braidwood ABC Television NSW ABN57 730.198 MHz
Canberra ABC Classic FM ACT 2ABCFM 102.3 FM
Canberra ABC Digital TV ACT ABC9A 205.625 MHz
Canberra ABC Local Radio ACT 2CN 666 AM
Canberra ABC News Radio ACT 2PB 103.9 FM
Canberra ABC Radio National ACT 2RN 846 AM
Canberra ABC Television ACT ABC9 196.2604 MHz
Canberra ABC triple j ACT 2JJJ 101.5 FM
Cumnock ABC Local Radio NSW 2CR 549 AM
Illawarra ABC Classic FM NSW 2ABCFM 95.7 FM
Illawarra ABC Local Radio NSW 2ILA 97.3 FM
Illawarra ABC Television NSW ABWN56 723.224 MHz
Illawarra ABC triple j NSW 2JJJ 98.9 FM
Sydney ABC Local Radio NSW 2BL 702 AM
Sydney ABC Radio National NSW 2RN 576 AM
Tuggeranong ABC Classic FM ACT 2ABCCFM 99.1 FM
Tuggeranong ABC triple j ACT 2JJJ 95.9 FM

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