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Phase two of our wildlife corridor has been added to Place Stories

Visit our PlaceStories Project site for the wildlife corridor project. This is a project website I (Tony) recently discovered. I have built a project there to investigate the possibilities and to see if it will be helpful for Landcare and … Continue reading

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Tentative date set for Phase Two of Wildlife Corridor

April 21st and 22nd have been penciled in for the final Wildlife corridor tree planting session. Love to have you along. Bill and Linda also have some trees needing planting which we may move on to if we are as … Continue reading

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Blackberry is getting quite active this year

And yes I mean the same Blackberry that Ronnie Corbet talks about here See this Weed Management Guide from Landcare.

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Atlas of Living Australia

Yesterday I learned about the Atlas of Living Australia at while listening to ABC Radios Science show on podcast. Including citizen science, crowd sourcing and professional/scientific research datasets it provides an interactive catalog of species identified or observed all … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2012 Landcarers

This year Tomboye landcare can look forward to the following milestones Formal incorporation Completing the Second Phase of the Wildlife Corridor in April Building participation in this website Identifying fantastic new opportunities to build community and sustainable management of our … Continue reading

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Landcare members ARE WARMLY INVITED FRIDAY DECEMBER 9 ANGLICAN HALL, BRAIDWOOD. Address: Wilson Street, BRAIDWOOD (Next to the preschool) BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL! Contact Kristy Moyle (02) 4842 2594 RSVP by 30 November 2011 FAMILIES WELCOME! 5.30pm—9.00pm

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Wildlife Corridor tree planting weekend update

To all – An update on the Tree Planting weekend. What happened ? The late notice (Emailed out only) certainly meant allot of people that wanted to come could not make it, however we got a few and had a … Continue reading

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Streamwatch training in the Upper Shoalhaven & Upper Deua

Dear Landcarers – Please read the information below and consider whether Streamwatch training is for you. Once you are trained for Streamwatch water quality monitoring – you will be responsible (with your group) for carrying out seasonal tests on the … Continue reading

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Trees on Farms Partial Grant win

Great news, we (Tony and Nick) have managed to win a partial grant for our Wildlife Corridor Grant application. We will let you know when we have more details, and adjust our plans. Tony

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Lets hope the Carp don’t get this bad in the Mongarlowe

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