Wildlife Corridor tree planting weekend update

To all – An update on the Tree Planting weekend.

What happened ?
The late notice (Emailed out only) certainly meant allot of people that wanted to come could not make it, however we got a few and had a very productive weekend. We had 7 people volunteering this weekend.

Just to prove tree planing can be a bit of a pushover 5 of us planted 320 trees in a few hours, three of us returning for an hour after lunch to give the trees a small drink to get them on their way.

Lunch was a wonderful social and Gourmet experience and we also drank our fill of cold drinks.

After watering the trees we had a sudden storm shower, fortunately only after we were already in shelter and it was exactly what the trees could use.

Some of us stayed together for dinner, another wonderful meal and plenty of good wine.

When another two volunteers arrived for dinner with plans for some Sunday plantings, we could have disappointed them (having planted all the trees), but we decided to help our neighbors (also volunteers) to plant another 50 trees on their property – So on Sunday morning we all mucked in and helped finish the neighbors trees in about an hour and then spent more time than that, chin wagging over a nice coffee.

All in all a very enjoyable and productive weekend.

Special thanks goes to all the volunteers but especially Nick who prepared the soil (Ripping) collected the tress and planed the plantings with Felicity from the Catchment Management Authority.

Yes we hope to have another 400 trees planted in March and I will let you know with allot more notice next time.

Regards Tony

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  1. admin says:

    Nick passed on this;

    Just a note to let you know that I’ve ordered the next batch of trees and they should be available for planting in early April.

    We’ve had a little more rain in the last week or so and it’s looking encouraging for a bit more this week – this should mean that we don’t have to hand water again yet.

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