Do you want web services without Tomboye localisation ?

As posted previously there are free services to local residence for services but Tony is also offering a more anonymous service at so contact me if you are interested.

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Local Community activities planned

At a recent social event a number of locals resolved to do the following;

  • Plant grape vines on a number of properties to share local experiences
  • Plan a property by property tour to review the plant and animal diversity for interest and to develop biodiversity plans.
  • Plan a local historical work in neighboring areas and to share the knowledge we have as individuals.

Are you an interested local then make sure you let us know. Are you skilled in history, media or biology and would like to be involved then please visit to join a project.

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Leveraging my (Tony’s) knowledge of website design and construction¬† I am now in a position to provide WordPress websites and support to Residents and Owners in the Tomboye area. Yes I would be happy to assist getting you up and running for your family or business activities.

I have put the infrastructure in place to support these services and along with your own email address available at you can really join the Internet revolution.

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Happy new year for 2012

Happy new year from the Tomboye Community.

We will continue to build this resource for the local community – see the links under More Information in the menu – we have just added a link to Southern Tablelands Weather. Please send your ideas and notices. You first point of contact can start here

Remember to Visit the Tomboye Landcare site.

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Highway Details

I just found that detailed photos of items and signs on freeways are available on the Hume highway. This may allow you to send a friend a photo of a turn off without taking it yourself.

see here for Sutton Forest to Goulburn as an example


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Expressions of Interest – Building a wildlife corridor

Wildlife corridors provide an opportunity for native species to move between otherwise disconnected areas. This is increasingly important to maintain diversity and support the migration of species through the environment increasingly affected by human development.

As a founding member of a country Landcare group and having submitted a grant application for hundreds of trees, we want to plant to create a wildlife corridor between a crown reserve and other forests.

I am calling for expressions of interest (Your email address for now) from people who would like to join us in this project and a special weekend retreat to boot. Once the weather starts to warm, perhaps in November, and with a small bus or car pooling organised from both Sydney or Canberra, you can come and camp (Some accommodation and tents available), enjoy a social get together, with some food provided, and spend a few hours each day planting trees and shrubs on the boarder of two properties.

Enjoy the stars, a bush walk or a red wine on the veranda and meeting people. If you are interested you can also learn more about the Landcare movement or our own La source initiatives. In you free time your will be free to wander around more than 850 acres of country side.

Possibly interested ?, for this and similar events then let me know at, and in this case with a subject of “wildlife corridor”and approximately where you are located for transport purposes.

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Fire Today in Tomboye


South of Tomboye Road, Near the river and Lot 14 (Both Lot1 and 2 affected). No reported property damage.

More info after the weekend.

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An Email address ?

By registering the Tomboye.Net domain name it has been possible for us to setup a range of services that the local community can make use of.

One of these is, why would you consider this and what are the details behind this ?, That is what this news post is about ?

ISP Supplied email addresses

Most people obtain their first email address for free as set up by their Internet Service Provider. When you buy an internet connection service eg; bigpond you may be given an email address such as, unfortunately, because someone else may share you name you do not always get your preferred name (they all need to be unique under the domain name eg:

We are not always satisfied with our ISP or a new better deal comes along so we change the company we deal with. Unfortunately this means we often loose our email address and get another one.

Email Service Providers

Rather than getting you email address from your ISP you can get free or paid email addresses from an email service provider such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. These can have a range of pros and cons but at least you do not need to change your address every time you change your ISP.

Some of the disadvantages with these email providers includes; Unfriendly names, or so much advertising it is very slow to load, and distracting.

I have some experience with each of these and can recommend Gmail as the best by a country mile. There are many reasons for this, some of which will be evident in the next section.

An email service provider with a registered domain name

It is possible to register a domain name such as, as I have and create emails accounts under that name such as, I have done this buy making use of Googles services to do this. Now you can choose whatever name you want and have the same advantages as using an email service provider.

But this raises various questions

I have chosen the Google services for a number of reasons, but most of all, the options available are fantastic, these include.

You can use to

  • collect mail from your other address(es)
  • Send emails as if from your other address(es)
  • forward emails to your other addresses
  • access a wide range of other related services
    • Chat with other and gmail users when online
    • Share files and calendars
    • Create website pages

Because we control the domain we can move this on to another service provider if we are unhappy – because we own the names not them.

So if you live locally send me an email at or give me a call to discuss and I can arrange not only the email address of your choice but help set you up and train you in its use.

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Tomboye Landcare now has it’s own website

Please visit

Landcare information here is already available on the new site and will be progressively removed from here.

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This is our new home

You may notice we have a new home here at We will leave a reminder at the old location but but please update your links.

This new site will be much the same except for the following;

  • We have our own name
  • Tomboye Landcare now has its own site at
  • Local members will be able to obtain a email addresses and keep it indefinitely, you can even just forward mail at the new address to your existing address.
  • Additional features may become available at in the future including
    • Local residence websites
    • A photo library
    • more…
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