Message from the President

Thank you for the opportunity to represent Tomboye Landcare as President. In this post I will outline some thoughts that will guide my actions in this role. Please feel free to raise any ideas or concerns you have with me directly. See “Contact Us” for contact information.

My role as president

Perform the normal role of President and

  • Build and empower all committee members in their roles.
  • Develop the role of President to set a benchmark for future Presidents.
  • Actively work towards succession planning for my own role and those of all committee members.
  • Encourage Participation and promoting membership.
  • Respond effectively to the needs and skills of members.

Focus on work, Life and Landcare balance.

I would like very much to let you know that as president I aim to ensure that members and especially volunteers time is highly valued. To support this I will minimise the effort required for the outcomes we desire. All members are asked to ensure they put their work and family before any Landcare activities no matter how enthusiastic you are.

One way we will ensure a balanced approach to Landcare initiatives is through Landcare Sub committees. Sub committees will be formed for projects that one or more people are participating in, without the need for all members to be involved and such sub committees will report to the group as a whole. To maintain the appropriate support, formation of sub committees will only be created after notification at a meeting.

Our Landcare objectives

The Formal objectives are available on this website and reflect those of other Landcare groups. The following additional objective was added at formation to;

Undertake activities to protect and manage the Crown land in cooperation with the relevant authorities in the  Tomboye/Charleyong locality.

Projects underway

Our first projects include the formal process of incorporation and Trees on Farms – Community action grant as part of a greater – Wildlife Corridor effort.

Other roles available

An incorporated Landcare group requires a few formal positions such as President, Secretary and Treasurer. As of writing we also have members acting as Public Officer, Publicity Officer and Safety Officer. The details of all roles will be placed on the website in time. There are many benefits to participation on a committee which includes;

  • Supporting your local community
  • Building networks and friendships
  • Developing new skills
  • Taking on responsibilities which you can demonstrate to others for work or other groups.

Each role on the committee has some defined responsibilities and this helps members and visitors identify who to contact. It also permits each person to know what they need to do so that they can  focus on that and not waste time either duplicating others efforts or by being confused. After all, we all have day to day commitments.

Members are encouraged to propose a informal role they would be happy to undertake to support Tomboye Landcare. Roles may include “Website Maintenance”, Newsletter researcher, Librarian, Cartographer and more.

Thanks again and I look forward to what we can achieve together.

Tony Muscio

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